For ladies who suffer from metal allergies! ROYAL MARRIAGE is an online store for luxury titanium wedding rings. I want a titanium wedding ring, but I hate it if it doesn't have an elegant and sophisticated design! ROYAL MARRIAGE is a jewelry store that will make your wish come true. All jewelry is made in Japan.

Royal Marriage Ring is a new wedding ring made of titanium instead of gold for women with metal allergies. The brand concept of the Royal Marriage Ring is "Luxury Titanium". The most striking feature of this ring is its gorgeous design, which is different from conventional titanium rings, with the sparkle of lovely pink sapphires and melee diamonds. Using high-quality natural diamonds and pink sapphires, we bring you Japan's highest standard of titanium wedding rings.

Titanium is a rigid metal, making it ideal for wedding rings used in everyday life. A titanium wedding ring is also more affordable than a gold wedding ring, making it possible to purchase a wedding ring that is one rank more glamorous than a conventional ring, such as a wedding ring with diamonds. We hope you will enjoy our titanium wedding ring, which offers a luxurious atmosphere that will create an elegant and beautiful look.

■ Made in Japan
All jewelry is made in Japan. We ship jewelry to you from Japan.

■ Outside Japan
Customers outside of Japan may purchase through a purchasing agent.