Royal Marriage Ring (RME301FTR) titanium wedding ring with diamonds 0.06ct pink sapphire for women

● This is the highest quality titanium wedding ring made in Japan!
The "Royal Marriage Ring" brand concept is "Luxury Titanium". Using high-quality natural diamonds and pink sapphire, we bring you Japan's highest standard of titanium wedding rings.

● This ring is made of titanium and has a luxurious atmosphere!
This is the highest quality ring with a gorgeous design, encrusted with one lovely pink sapphire and two 0.03ct melee diamonds. This ring is both luxurious and casual. The beauty of the pink sapphire and melee diamonds is eye-catching and gives the ring a unique character that sets it apart from other brands.

● This is the highest quality titanium ring with a beautiful luster!
Titanium has a beautiful silvery-gray luster, and even with its simple design, it has a profound atmosphere and a high aesthetic quality that gives the wearer a sense of luxury.

● Even people with metal allergies can wear it with peace of mind!
Titanium is well-known for its resistance to metal allergies, so even those with metal allergies can wear it with peace of mind.

〈Product Specifications〉
■ Ring for women
Diamonds : 0.03ct x 2 stones (total 0.06ct)
Material : Pure titanium JIS Class 2
Size : Width 3mm, Thickness 1.8mm
Packaging : With jewelry case
Manufacture : Made in Japan
Price : 90,000 yen (excluding tax)

■ About ring size
Ring sizes are made according to Japanese standards. Please purchase a ring gauge for Japanese standard size measurement first. click

■ Option selection (*There is no additional charge for the option selection.)
○ Engraving on the ring : It is possible to put an engraving of your choice on the inside of the ring.

■ About shipping jewelry
Royal Marriage Ring is a made-to-order product made after receiving your order. We will ship it about 1 to 2 weeks after the order is completed.

■ Order Flow
(1) Ordering : Please place your order by adding items to the cart.
(2) Shipping a ring gauge : When you place an order, we will first send you a ring gauge (for measuring Japanese standard sizes). Please measure your finger size.
(3) Specifying ring size : Please let us know the wedding ring size you want to order.
(4) Sending an acceptance completion e-mail : We will inform you that your order is completed.
(5) Shipping jewelry : We will ship jewelry about 1 to 2 weeks after the order is completed.
  • 99,000円
●Please fill in your desired engraving. The characters that can be used are alphabets (upper and lower case), numbers, symbols ( . Dots, commas, & and), and up to 30 characters can be engraved.