■ Customer's Voice

● Royal Marriage Ring (Man: RMAN00ETR, Woman : RME300FTR) (Osaka, Japan)

My husband is allergic to metal, so we were looking for a titanium wedding ring. The 10-day rental allowed us to try on the ring before purchasing it, which was great. I was happy to be able to choose a simple shape, and it is light and comfortable to wear - also, the three 0.03 ct. Melee diamonds on the women's ring are beautiful and sparkle without being too noticeable. In the unlikely event that the melee diamonds come off, I can be assured that they will be replaced with new rings free of charge. I will continue to use it with great care. Thank you very much.

*Note : Rental and warranty services are available only to residents of Japan.

● Royal Marriage Rings (Man and Woman Pair: ES7NPTR) (Chiba, Japan)

I was allergic to metal, so finding a ring that would fit was difficult, but after meeting you in person and hearing your explanation, I could purchase with peace of mind. I am satisfied with my purchase.

● Royal Marriage Rings (Man and Woman Pair: ES5NDTR) (Philippines)

Having an allergy in metals is a great problem to me since I was a child so when I am about to get married, I got worried. Thanks to my sweet, loving and thoughtful husband. I was able to wear a wedding ring without worries on my allergies.. Thanks God, my husband designed a titanium ring that best fits me.. He is so creative that fits my finger and made me feel comfy. It is made of titanium with diamonds that keep on glittering. I really love the ring. With this I really appreciate my husband for taking an effort. My love for him grew more..