■ About 6 Advantages and 3 Disadvantages of a Titanium Wedding Ring

Titanium is well known as a rigid metal and is used for aircraft, armor, warships, spacecraft, missiles, etc. At the same time, however, it is also known as a very difficult metal to smelt and process. Titanium has excellent biocompatibility and is used in medical devices such as artificial limbs, artificial bones, implants, and pierced earrings.

Titanium has high corrosion resistance, almost equal to gold and other precious metals, and in recent years, it has been increasingly used in jewelry, including wedding rings. Because titanium is more applicable to wedding rings than gold and less expensive than gold, simply switching from gold to titanium for a wedding ring will enable you to purchase high-quality wedding rings at a lower price than you would have been able to afford.

However, a titanium wedding ring is still not very popular. This is because it has not been long since jewelry was first made from titanium. However, a titanium wedding ring has numerous advantages over a gold one.

● A Titanium Wedding Ring Has 6 Advantages

(1) Safe for people with metal allergies
Titanium is well known as a material that does not easily cause metal allergies. This is because, in air, the surface of titanium is covered with a solid passive oxide film, making it as highly corrosion resistant as precious metals, and it does not ionize under the influence of sweat or other factors.

(2) Not deformable because it is a rigid metal
Because gold is a soft metal, a ring can be distorted or deformed when carrying a heavy load. This is especially true of a thin ring prone to deformation. In this respect, titanium is rigid and will not deform regularly.

(3) Very light and easy to wear
Titanium is a very light metal. Wearing a call, you do not have to worry about the weight. Men who wear a ring for the first time and women not accustomed to it can wear it without much awareness.

(4) Beautiful luster and high aesthetic value
Titanium has a beautiful silvery-gray luster and is highly aesthetic, giving the ring a sense of weight and luxury. Wearing a titanium wedding ring will shine beautifully on your finger and give you high satisfaction.

(5) Suitable for daily use
Since a wedding ring is often worn on your finger all day, every day, a soft metal like gold is not suitable for a wedding ring. On the other hand, titanium is rigid and light, making it ideal for everyday use.

(6) Affordable price
Titanium is less expensive than gold. Although it is more costly to process titanium into jewelry due to the high technical skill required, it is still cheaper than a gold wedding ring. If you have the budget for a gold wedding ring, you can buy a wedding ring with diamonds in titanium, making it possible to purchase a wedding ring that is one rank more glamorous than a conventional ring.

● A Titanium Wedding Ring Has 3 Disadvantages

(1) Unable to resize
The most significant disadvantage of titanium wedding rings is that they cannot be resized. However, this is not a feature found only in titanium wedding rings. While gold rings can generally be resized, some designs may not be resizable. Examples include milled rings and eternity rings. When purchasing a wedding ring, it is essential to understand the characteristics of the material and design and ensure you are satisfied with the ring.

(2) Difficult to make a complex design
Titanium is difficult to process, so making a ring with an elaborate design like a gold ring is difficult. This is why titanium wedding rings generally have simple designs. Also, the setting of diamonds requires a high level of skill. For this reason, we try to provide rings that are as simple and universal in design as possible.

(3) Not so major
What would be your reaction if you told your family or acquaintances that you bought a titanium wedding band? They will probably ask, "What? They will probably ask back, "Why? Especially for those who live in a world without metal allergies, titanium has a strong image of practical items such as watches, glasses, golf drivers, etc., and almost no idea of jewelry.

● Are You Wondering Whether to Buy a Titanium Wedding Ring?

(1) Does a titanium wedding ring look cheap?
No, it never looks cheap. As you can see when you look at a titanium ring, titanium has a beautiful silver-gray luster, a profound atmosphere, and a high level of aesthetics. To say that it seems cheap is just a "bad word" with no basis. In the first place, the value of jewelry is not only determined by the price of the material. Not all titanium rings are inexpensive, just as not all gold rings are luxury items. The jewelry's background, culture, philosophy, and history are all included in its value.

(2) A titanium wedding ring has no asset value?
If you are considering selling your wedding ring, you might need to consider its asset value. However, few of you will do so. But for those who are curious, let me explain. A titanium ring, indeed, has no asset value. However, if you plan to be with your spouse forever, you need not worry about how much you can sell it for. It is essential to realize that a wedding ring is not purchased for its asset value but as a "token of marriage".